Registration for the 2020-21 school year has officially ended. Any new registrations after the deadline will be put on a wait list and you will be notified within 2-3 days of the status. For more information, please e-mail

The Ark Institute is a comprehensive weekend Islamic school program with an emphasis on applying the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and The Ahlul Bayt (Holy Prophet and his family). We are dedicated to delivering quality education through a holistic approach to student development and long-term well-being. Our curriculum upholds Islamic principles ensuring learners best maintain spiritual values in a diverse society.

COVID-19 Update

Extraordinary circumstances often present a new perspective and unique opportunities to innovate and grow. After consulting with various experts and keeping the well-being of our families and staff in mind, we have decided to offer virtual instruction for the upcoming 2020-21 session. Our children and families mean the world to us and we want to stay connected, especially during these uncertain times. Please click here for more information on how we are adapting to the current situation.

Intro Video

Program Highlights

  • Interactive virtual assembly with prizes!
  • Qur’an – Classes 1-2 times a week, on weekdays. 30-45 min sessions each. Sessions will be held between the hours of 4pm – 7pm EST
  • Islamic Studies – Classes on Sunday, approx. 45 min – 1 hr session depending on the class. This will be held between the hours of 11am – 3pm EST.
  • Pre-College Theology & Debate (Ages 16+)
  • Adult classes will cover a wide range of topics
  • Reduced fees – $100/per participant for the year ($10/month)

For more information about our program including timing and schedule, click here.

An Overview of Our Curriculum

Holy Qur'an

The Word of God

Students will be taught how to properly recite the Book of Allah while also gaining an understanding of its meaning. 


Fundamentals of Islam

Fundamentals of Islam – Children are taught Islamic fundamentals by competent educators and positive role models. Modern technology is incorporated to facilitate the learning process.


The Practical Laws of Islam

The Practical Laws of Islam – Students will explore the foundations of Islamic law to fain insight into its purpose and practice. Lawful study is extracted from detailed Islamic sources. 

Social Islam

The Social Norms and Rules in Islam

Social Norms and Rules in Islam – The curriculum focuses on social structures and the norms of Muslim living. This includes the ability to retain self-identity and value systems in a diverse and challenging society.