As we struggle during this tumultuous time, it is important to remember that you are not alone. We at The Ark Institute wish to make this clear to you and that despite the difficulties, we won’t stop doing what we feel is right and safe for you and your children. While we may be separated in the physical sense, we still plan on providing quality education in more dynamic ways than ever! We have moved our learning platform online and will be continuing Madressa from there. Our Islamic Sunday school guarantees that while we ensure the health and safety of your children through distance learning, the quality of our education will not diminish in the slightest. In fact, it will be an adaptive experience that, you as the parent, us as the teachers, and your child as the student, will be able to learn from. Now without further ado, let us describe the intricacies of our plan.


As we have now made the progression towards virtual learning, we will be operating online tools to continue our Islamic Sunday school. We will be utilizing Google Meet, Gmail, Google Classroom, and supplementary material as a means of learning. There will be separate classes for Islamic Studies, and the Quran.

Dress Code

While we don’t expect you to dress in a formal fashion, we still expect you to dress Islamically. When you have your video camera on, men and women must observe hijab. For more information on our dress code and the policies surrounding it, please refer to our policies and procedures.


We understand that sometimes the internet is not the most reliable and that students may have connection issues. We ask that you start setting up about 5 minutes before your class starts to ensure that those problems do not happen. Our tardiness and absent policies still remain the same, however, they will now be virtual attendance.


When will we be able to go about face-to-face Madressa?

Given the situation, we plan on reopening when we can ensure that parents, students, and faculty are all safe and secure. Currently, we do not have any set date, but promise to provide up to date information on any changes to the situation. We still plan on providing the best quality education, and that doesn’t change when we go online.

Am I expected to stay with my child when they learn?

We ask that, for young children at least, you stay close by and provide assisted learning in the form of guidance to ensure that your child stays on task and involved.

Do I need any special tech, like mics and headsets?

No, all that is required is a way to connect to Google Meet and some form of an audio and visual interface ( we need to be able to hear and see you). 

What if I don’t have a reliable means of connecting to classes?

Everyone is in a different position and we will do our best to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to connect, communicate, and learn with us. Contact us at the link below and we will work with you to ensure that your child can connect and stay connected with us.

For more questions, email at