The Ark Institute curriculum is based on a junior e-hawza program for Islamic Studies. We build our students up like an ark. By first building the foundation, Aqaid (Core Beliefs), we have the strongest ship for them to ride. Then, we teach them how to sail that ship with Akhlaq (Etiquette), so they know what to do when they crash into waves. Finally, we provide them with the map through a deeper understanding of related concepts in the Holy Qur’an. Thus, we ensure that Our Islamic Sunday school is focused, extensive, and concise, in order for your child to ride the world, no matter what it may throw at them.  

Adopting certain concepts from ‘Islamic Syllabus’ ( and adding a holistic approach of our own, our syllabus operates on a ‘spiral’ learning system where previous concepts are layered and enhanced in a progressive manner throughout the years. We lay the foundations of the ark and build up from there, each year providing more and more while making sure the basics are maintained, ensuring that the ark will never fail. Our lesson instructions can be organized into three primary content streams which are found in our syllabus. They are:

  • Qur’an – The Word of God
  • Theology – Fundamentals of Islam
  • Jurisprudence – The Practical Laws of Islam
  • Social Islam – The social norms and rules in Islam

The content is further developed through supplemental resources that will provide more insight. Regarding our holistic approach, we operate around the student through an aptitude based system in order to make sure your child gets what is best for them, with support for each child to progress that will allow them to shine in their own unique way. 

Program Timing & Schedule


Duration: 30-45 min

Weekdays starting the week of September 6th, 2020

(Students may be split into smaller groups for more focused attention)

Class Tues & Wed Tues & Thurs Wed Only
Q-K 4:30 PM
Q-1 5:00 PM
Q-2 5:00 PM
Q-3 6:30 PM
Q-4 4:30 PM
Q-5 5:30 PM
Q-6 5:30 PM
Q-7 5:30 PM
Q-8 6:30 PM
Q-9 7:30 PM
Pre-College 6:30 PM

Islamic Studies

Duration: 45 min - 1 hr

Every Sunday starting on September 6th, 2020

10:55am-11:10am 11:15am – 12:00pm 12:00pm – 12:45pm 12:45pm – 1:30pm
Assembly IS-K IS-1 IS-2
IS-3 IS-5 IS-9
IS-4 IS-6 IS-7


Syllabus: QFatima, Various Tafseer Interpretations


Session Target Age Objective Course Overview
Q-K 5-6 Letter Recognition – Introduction Q-K Course Schedule
Q -1 6-7 Basic joining words/vowels Q-1 Course Schedule
Q-2 7-8 Basic rules of recitation Q-2 Course Schedule
Q-3 8-9 Reinforce rules/practice recitation Q-3 Course Schedule
Q-4 9-10 Develop fluency in recitation Q-4 Course Schedule
Q-5 10-11 Fluency in recitation / Tajweed Rules Q-5 Course Schedule
Q-6 11-12 Translation / Comprehension / Rules Q-6 Course Schedule
Q-7 12-13 Advanced rules / Tafseer Q-7 Course Schedule
Q-8 13-15 Advanced recitation / Tafseer Q-8 Course Schedule
Q-9 15-16 Advanced recitation / Tafseer Q-9 Course Schedule
Pre-College 16+ Advanced recitation / Tafseer Pre-College Course Schedule

Our Qur’an program is based on the QFatima curriculum. The following lessons form the basis of our instruction:

  • Introduction to letters
  • Basic rules of recitation
  • Tajweed rules & fluency
  • Tafseer (classes Q6 and above)
  • Hifdh (age-appropriate memorization for all levels)
  • Student/Teacher ratio: 6:1 (target based on class/age)

Students’ placement is based on aptitude and proficiency. This affords a child to advance based on his/her ability and effort. A brief assessment will be conducted prior to the start of the first session. The Admin team will contact you to schedule an appointment. If you have any questions about placement or the process, please email

Islamic Studies

Syllabus: Islamic Syllabus – Islamic Syllabus Website

Islamic Studies

Session Target Age Course Overview Syllabus
IS-K 5-6 IS-K Course Schedule Islamic Syllabus – Level 1 – Book 1 & Book 2
IS-1 6-7 IS-1 Course Schedule Islamic Syllabus – Level 1 – Book 1 & Book 2
IS-2 7-8 IS-2 Course Schedule Islamic Syllabus – Level 2 – Book 1 & Book 2
IS-3 8-9 IS-3 Course Schedule Islamic Syllabus – Level 2 – Book 1 & Book 2
IS-4 9-10 IS-4 Course Schedule Islamic Syllabus – Level 3 – Book 1 & Book 2
IS-5 10-11 IS-5 Course Schedule Islamic Syllabus – Level 3 – Book 1 & Book 2
IS-6 11-12 IS-6 Course Schedule Islamic Syllabus – Level 4 – Book 1 & Book 2
IS-7 12-13 IS-7 Course Schedule Islamic Syllabus – Level 4 – Book 1 & Book 2
IS-8 13-15 IS-8 Course Schedule Islamic Syllabus – Level 5 – Book 1 & Book 2
IS-9 15-16 IS-9 Course Schedule Islamic Syllabus – Level 5 – Book 1 & Book 2
Pre-College 16+ Pre-College Course Schedule Various Material
Adult Adult Course Schedule Various Material

Pre-College Class

We are excited to introduce a Pre-College session for youth ages 16+. This class will reinforce core Theology and help students develop critical thinking, reasoning, and debate skills. Our aim is to strengthen a student’s spiritual, moral, and ethical foundation as they enter a critical phase in life, often unprepared for the transition. Our instructors will consist of individuals who have graduated from the system and can share experiences and insights on how to preserve one’s Islamic identity and achieve success both spiritually, academically, and professionally.

Click here to enroll in the pre-college class.

Adult Class

Our adult classes will cover a wide range of topics including Islamic theology, contemporary issues, current events, and personal/professional development. This class will be led by different instructors around the country, with each one bringing a new perspective and experience into the classroom.

Click here to enroll in the adult class.